Generac Generators Monmouth County NJ

Generac Generators Monmouth County NJGenerac Generators Monmouth County NJ

When it comes to choosing a generator for your home in Monmouth, Ocean & Middlesex, NJ, Generac is the most reliable and trusted generator you can buy.  Boasting a 5 year factory warranty and fully automatic, you literally don’t need to do a thing when your power goes out.  In fact, within seconds of losing power, your generator will start and your power will be restored in one minute.

– No re-fueling

– 7 0ut of 10 homeowners choose generac

– #1 Selling generator brand in the U.S.

– Generator installs vary in time, but most installs happen within one to two days.

– Moretti Electric does all the work.  One call to us and we will handle all permits, wiring, plumbing etc.

–  We offer service agreements on  any and all generac generators… Even if you didn’t buy it from us.

–  Completely wi-fi connected with mobile link for remote monitoring.

Moretti Electric is a Fully Authorized SALES & SERVICE company.

–  Sizes range from 7kwatts to 150kwatts which can handle any size job.  You can easily run your entire home with a 3 phase 150kw generator.  Call us to learn how it can be installed today.

Generac Generators Monmouth County NJ